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Angel Reader Certification

As a Certified Angel Reader, you bring people into a state of divine connection, love, healing, forgiveness and guidance. You become the “Bridge to Spirit.”

This Professional Angel Reader Certification is for you if you are already an active angel reader who has studied different reading methods and angel modalities and are ready to take your practice to the next level.

It’s also for new angel lovers who feel strongly guided in this direction.

The curriculum is an elegant combination of conscious business training and planning, angelology, and intuitive and mystical skills development. The program content is delivered through a brilliant fusion of live interaction, home study, and mentorship.

This is the only Angel Reader Certification that awards University Transcript Credit for your work that can be applied to other degree programs.

Angel Reader Certification Courses:

Go at your own speed. Register for the first course, ANG 301 Visioning Your Angel Reader Practice. When you finish that one, register for the next one, 302 Types of Angels. One at a time, you will work your way through the curriculum until you are complete.

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Angel Counselor Certification

More information coming soon!

The Angel Reader Certification is a prerequisite. Please start there.