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Shine Your Light: Leadership & Business Development ~ CBL 310

We’re in a time when we can no longer rely on others to “take care of things” for us. There is so much opportunity right now to play our part – to share what Spirit has given us as gifts. Depression is a wakeup call from God to play your own unique part.

Anyone can read a book and start a business. Books don’t address the energetic belief systems where we get stuck and the deeper aspects of coming out. We fall into the Start-Stop Pattern. We get excited and start, then freak out and stop. Sound familiar?

This 8 session course with Rev. Maria Jade Piano and Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney will be Live Streaming Video so you can ask questions, share your experience and get the personal support you need to Shine Your Light much brighter in the world.

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Mindful Business & Soul Leadership series

  • Do you have a soul-based business?
  • Are you leading from your heart?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Rev. Maria Jade Piano and Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney have been where you are, wondering how to deepen into the heart and soul of your business and interactions with your clients/customers/patients.

We follow intuition for our business, and sometimes question how we are doing. “I know I could reach more people and make a bigger impact if only……..”

And sometimes we wonder, “How does my soul purpose fit into this business model?”

Or we experience a conflict with someone, and don’t know how to draw on our empowering chakras for balance and wisdom to make better choice.

Rev. Maria Jade Piano and Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney are leading a LIVE STREAMING VIDEO Course to guide you into a more mindful and purpose driven business experience.

Join us for the 3 classes:

  • November 7 ~ Soul Leadership and Creating the Foundations of Conscious Businesses
  • November 21 ~ Leadership and Energy Transformation: The Role of Chakras in Leadership
  • December 6 ~ Embodying Mindful Leadership: The Pause vs. Procrastination

Click the course title “Mindful Business & Soul Leadership” to learn more and register.

Visioning Your Angel Reader Practice ~ ANG 301

We begin with a potent visioning meditation to connect with your soul, your team of angels, and the sacred plan that was conceived before you were!

Whether you are already in business or just starting out, from the vision, we’ll jump into a powerful Angel Reader Practice Questionnaire that will help you to discover more about how your soul and angels are guiding you.

From this information, we will develop your Angel Reader Practice Business Plan. With the support and encouragement of your Mentor, class mates and The Angel Ministers, you’ll take action to implement your plan, one do-able step at a time.

You can do it!

Types of Angels ~ ANG 302

Angels have been present with us always. Angels have been a part of human life from the very beginning of recorded history. Every culture, tradition and religion includes a form of angels who act an intermediaries or messengers between what we consider to be The Divine and humans.

Explore the many types of angels as you broaden your knowledge base on:

  • The hierarchies of angels
  • Our Seraphim Connection
  • Angel inspired saints and masters
  • Living Angel Legacies: contemporary angel teachers

With this background, you’ll trace your Seraphim Lineage, recognizing the angels, teachers, and practices that have guided you to this moment.

Click the course title “Types of Angels ~ ANG 302” to learn more and register.

Angel Divination ~ ANG 303

Are you already a professional angel reader? Or just starting out? This course offers information to help you deepen into your readings. We’ll eve go beyond the cards and “readings” to connect directly with angels.

You will learn Kimberly Marooney’s 7 Steps to Brilliant Angel Readings.

Want Credit? You get a private mentor session by phone or video. This is the 3rd course in the Angel Reader Certification.

Click the Angel Divination title link to learn more and enroll.

Archangels ~ ANG 304

Everybody loves the Archangels! Who’s your favorite? Michael? Raphael?

You’ll learn about all 7 key archangels. Along the way, we’ll add in the magic of some Angelology going back to Enoch and book of Genesis! Best of all, we’ll do a powerful Archangel Meditation to get to know each one personally.

We start with a stroll through history to learn more about how archangels have been experienced over several millennia. The big Archangel Meditation is next. We finish with the sweetness of Rev. Dr. Judith Larkin Reno teaching us How to See Angels! You’ll love it.

You will receive 1 unit of Gateway Transcript Credit for this course.

Your Angel Reader Business Plan ~ ANG 305

Build upon your Angel Reader Practice vision from ANG 301 in the Angel Reader Certification, converting your Vision to detail for your business plan. Your business plan for your Angel Reader Practice will develop out of:

  • Your Divinely Inspired vision and soul desire
  • Ideas gathered from other angel readers
  • Focusing in on local venues and opportunities
  • Drilling deeper to describe your Self and what you offer

When your thoughts and actions are aligned with the calling of your soul, Miracles Happen!

You will receive 1 unit of Gateway Transcript Credit for this course. Click the title link above to learn more and enroll. This is the 4th course in the Angel Reader Certification.

Guardian Angels ~ ANG 306

Your Guardian Angel knows your soul purpose and guides you ceaselessly toward it. Learn more about and experience this most valuable friendship.

“This may be one of the best classes I’ve ever taught. As I edited the lectured for you, I did something I usually don’t do. I participated. I did the meditations. As we tuned into our Guardian Angels, mine appeared to me like she never has before. I usually feel her on my right shoulder and sense her presence as a vague, loving mist. This time, she unfurled her wings in a blazing snap and I mean blazing! Brilliant gem tones of sapphire and emerald exploded open in a shape sort of like butterfly wings. And she gave me her name for the first time!”

Many other students who have been through this experience had profound personal interactions with their guardian angels, too!

Click the Guardian Angels title link to learn more and enroll. This is the 6th course in the Angel Reader Certification.