As one of the first universities in the United States to offer studies in higher consciousness, Gateway University is a global leader. Far ahead of other educational institutions, Gateway University from its inception has offered student-centered and soul-centered education.

Gateway University® is a pioneer in the New Wisdom Age, with mystery school depth and academic substance. The unique offering of Gateway University is its many paths to God and higher consciousness. Each student has the direct experience of her soul. Soul-centered education is not an abstract concept in Gateway University. It is a lived experience. Gateway University® is directed by Gateway Community.



Our vision is to connect you with your vision, to empower the student’s participatory divinity and planetary service through personally designed academic programs, including independent research and mentored learning.



Founded in 1983, we’re a national leader with degrees in higher consciousness. Academic credit for related prior-learning and life/work experience. No-interest student loans. Distance learning. Flexible scheduling.



We feature soul-centered and student-centered education with integrated curriculum from Eastern and Western, spiritual and psychological, ancient and modern approaches. Grounded, practical, and balanced is our focus.

Are you one of our students?

Gateway students are mature, busy, productive adults, seeking higher consciousness and self-discovery.

Gateway’s personalized mentoring, distance learning, and flexible scheduling serve students who work during the day, who are raising a family, or who travel frequently.

Graduates become teachers, counselors, coaches, writers, ministers, spiritual healers, practitioners in the esoteric sciences, and spiritual leaders–seeding the grassroots enlightenment of our global future.

We feature soul-centered and student-centered education with integrated curriculum from Eastern and Western, spiritual and psychological, ancient and modern approaches.

Academic Programs


  • Credit for related prior-learning
  • life/work experience, up to 50% of student's program
  • Unparalleled consciousness curriculum with spiritual depth and academic substance
  • No-interest student loans
  • Student-centered, personally designed programs
  • Grounded, practical, balanced, integrated approach
  • Distance learning
  • Self-paced learning
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Grounded, practical, balanced, integrated approach

The Heart of Gateway

M.A. Candidate Rev. Velma Alford

Rev. Velma Alford reflects on her experience of counseling others as an M.A. Candidate in Spiritual Psychology

Rev. Lynne Miller

Rev. Lynne Miller reflects on how Gateway University and Gateway Community have supported her soul purpose expansion

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About Gateway University

Gateway University is directed by the Gateway Community, which is an interfaith church embracing the highest spiritual vision of the individual and all religions of the world. Founded in 1981, Gateway is a global leader providing student-centered and soul-centered degree and certification programs. Enter your name and email to stay up to date with online-classes and special events