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    ANG 304 ~ Archangels

    Archangels anchor the primary qualities of energy that nourish and guide our earth.

    Experience the energy and purpose of these glorious beings and learn how they call us into union.

    In this course, we will access the primal qualities of Oneness through the Archangels:

    • Michael protects our soul destiny
    • Jophiel emanates creative power from God
    • Chamuel teaches pure, open hearted adoration and love
    • Gabriel brings the duties of our spiritual mission
    • Raphael heals the pain that separates us from God
    • Uriel ministers to our needs
    • Zadkiel invokes the Presence

    We will meditate with specific angels to experience their presence as we get to know them.


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    Course Materials

    A copy of Angel Blessings Cards by Kimberly Marooney is helpful, but not mandatory.