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    Audio Curriculum

    God provides the wind, but man must raise the sails. -St. Augustine

    The Gateway Wisdom Collection contains includes 421 audio selections.  There is no other collected body of works with this depth, range, and profound contribution to contemporary spiritual living.

    The Gateway Wisdom Collection represents Rev. Dr. Judith Larkin Reno’s teaching legacy of rare mystical information gathered from a lifetime of global travel, research, teaching, and counseling.  Dr. Reno makes complex spiritual systems user-friendly.
    The following audio classes can be incorporated into the student’s course of study for any University program:  B.A., M.A., Ph. D., Ministerial, or Certificate Programs.  Using the audio curriculum, you can be traveling, in gridlock, or on the way to work while earning a degree!
    Through The Gateway Wisdom Collection’s audio curriculum, you will access the world greatest spiritual teachings.  This valuable and rare body of knowledge contains an interfaith legacy of timeless teachings.

    SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGIES:  *Your Soul Connection.  *Soul Infusion.  *Aura Shielding.  *Gateway Weekly Workout:  Daily Altar Practices.  *Divine Remembrance.  *Symbols.  *The Power of Color.  *The Body as Metaphor.  *Chakras.  *Light and Sound.  *The God Ladder:  Your Earthly and Divine Anatomies.

    SACRED CELEBRATIONS:  *New Year Sacred Celebration:  Find Your New Soul-Path..  *Valentine Angels.  *Valentine’s Day Sacred Celebration:  The Deep Meaning of Love and Sex. * Palm Sunday Sacred Celebration:  Holy City Initiation.  *Palm Sunday: Challenges of Initiation. * Easter Sacred Celebration:  Holy City Initiation.  *Resurrection Meditation.  *Easter:  Death and Rebirth. * Handy Resurrection Tips.  *Easter Hatching.  *Mother’s Day Sacred Celebration:  The Divine Mother.  *Self-Mothering.  *Forgiving Mother Meditation.  *Father’s Day Sacred Celebration:  The Father Archetype.  *The First Father’s Day. *Angels of Independence Day.  *Gurupoornima.  *Autumnal Equinox.  *Halloween: Illusion and Reality.  *Thanksgiving.  Christmas Sacred Celebration:  *The Midnight Angel Procession.  *Naughty or Nice, Santa Claus is Coming!  *Christmas Angel Procession.  *New Moon, New Seed.  *Spring Cleaning.  *Your Home Sacred Celebration:  Home Angel Blessing.  *Home Warming.  *Your Birthday Sacred Celebration:  The Deep Meaning of Each Year.

    HOW TO MEDITATE:  *Overview of Meditation.  *Relaxation and Guided Imagery.  *Concentration.  *Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.  Samadhi and Nirvana.  *Buddhist Meditation on the Three Bodies.  *Vipassana Meditation.  *The Dangers of Meditation.  *Aura Shielding.  *Grounding and Spacing-Out.  *Your Soul Connection.  *Soul Infusion.  *Symbols.  *Esoteric Terms Defined.  *Chakra Meditation.

    RENEWAL MEDITATIONS:  *Golden Disc Meditation.  *Power Meditation.  *Divine Empowerment Meditation.  *Love Meditation.  *Sea of Love Meditation.  *Eyes of Love Meditation.  *Heart of God Meditation.

    ANGEL CONNECTION SERIES:  *Invoking Angels.  *Your Angel Connection.  *Guide to Your Guardian Angel.  *How to See Angels.  *Types of Angels. * Return of the Bird Tribe.  *Angel Meditation.  *Meeting with Angels.

    ANGEL MEDITATIONS:  *Christmas Angels.  *Christmas Sacred Celebration:  Midnight Angel Procession. * Birthday Angels.  *Your Home Sacred Celebration:  Home Angel Blessings.  *Valentine Angels.  *Angels of Love.  *Angels of Independence.  *Woman-Power Angels  *New Years Angels.  *Angels of Peace.  *Angels of Truth.  *Angels of Trust  *Healing Angels.  *Angels of Vision.  *Pump ‘n Tone Your Soul Angels.  *Angels of Death.  *Angels of Death and Rebirth.  *Angels of Release.  *Grass Angels.  *Bird Angels.

    CHARACTER BUILDING:  *Gateway Weekly Workout:  *Daily Altar Practices.  *Detachment.  *Peace.  *Faith.  *Compassion.  *Joy.  *Follow Your Joy-Line.  *Your Only Mandate is to Enjoy.  *Be Like a Dog on A Walk.  Love.  *Self-Love.  *Personal Divinity.  *Receiving God.  *Give and Receive.  *Miss Piggy’s Guide to Happiness.  *Forgiveness.  *Work is Sacred.  *Mothering.  *Support Another’s Dream.  *Selfless Giving.  *Selfless Service.  *Spiritual Community.  *Getting Off Being Right.  *Blocking Your Good.  *Spring Cleaning.  *Spiritual Warriorship.  *Demonstrating Truth.  Manifestation Skills.  *Goal Setting. * Dissolving Limits.

    ENLIGHTENMENT:  *Your Soul Connection.  *Soul Infusion.  *The God Ladder:  Your Earthly and Divine Anatomy.  *Spiritual Warriorship.  *Resistance.  *Transcendence:  Samadhi and Nirvana.  *Palm Sunday:  Inner City Initiation.  *Enlightenment. * Esoteric Terms Defined.  *The Seven Gateways.  *Spiritual Initiation for Contemporary Living.  *Enlightenment:  What is It?

    SPIRITUAL INITIATION:  *The God Ladder:  Your Earthly and Divine Anatomy.  *Spiritual Initiation and Contemporary Living.  *Samadhi and Nirvana.  *The Seven Gateways.  *Babaji Initiation.  *Earth Birth:  Gaia Initiation.  *Easter Sacred Celebration:  Holy City Initiation.   

    GATEWAY SELF-INTERVIEW:  *Principles and Techniques of Self-Interview. * Positive and Negative Selves.  *The Inner Critic.  *Inner Conflict Resolution. * Regression Technique.  *Inner Self’s Beliefs. * Inner Self Contracts.  *Resolve Past Traumas.  *Rescripting Technique.

    GATEWAY INNER KINGDOM WORK:  *Ruling Your Inner Kingdom.  *False Beliefs.  *Myth and Laws of Your Inner Kingdom.  *Your Credo.  *Negative Inner Selves.  *Light and Shadow Selves.  *Mom and Dad Scripts.  *Inner Conflict Resolution.  *Body Interviews.  *Inner Self-Dialogue.

    PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT:  *Your Soul Connection.  *Aura Shielding.  *Channeling.  *Automatic Writing.  *Chakras.  *Chakra Meditation. * Aura Reading.  *Colors.  *Dowsing.  *Telepathy with Plants and Animals.  *The Body As Metaphor—The Body/Mind Connection.  *Body Reading.  *Psychic Healing.  *Distance Healing. * Psychometry.  *Psychic Communication with the Dead.

    CHANNELING:  *Basic Skills for Channeling.  *Shielding.  *Grounding.  *Soul Connection.  *Soul Infusion.  *Spiritual Initiation and Channeling.  *Channeling Angels.

    MYSTICAL DREAMING *Senoi Dream Training.  *Dream Recall.  *Dream Powers.  *Types of Dreams.  *Dream Incubation .  *Lucid Dreaming.  *Astral and Soul Projection.  *Mystical Dream Interpretation.

    TIME TRIPPING:  *Time-Tripping to Past, Parallel, and Future Lives.  *Reincarnation and Karma.  *Past Life Regression Techniques  *Rescripting Past Lives.  *Karma Cleaning. * Age Regression.  *Your Soul Contract.  *Family Soul Contract Regression.  *Intrauterine Regression.  *Birth Trauma Release. * Time Travel to Other Planets.  *Cosmic Travel.  *Regression to Atlantis.  *Visit Your Future Enlightenment.  *Your First Birth—Primal Separation.

    DEATH AS AN IDENTITY CRISIS:  *Death and Reincarnation.  *Angels of Death.  *Angels of Death and Rebirth.  *What Is Permanent*  *Karma and Reincarnation.  

    GATEWAY TAROT:  *Introduction to the Tarot.  *Numbers and Elements in Tarot.  *The Major Arcana.  *Pentacles.  *Swords.  *Wands.  *Cups.  *Court Cards.  *Framing the Question.  *Timing; Reversals; and Yes/No Answers.  *Tarot Spreads.  *Tarot Round-Up.  

    GATEWAY NUMEROLOGY:  *Introduction to Numerology.  *What’s in a Name?  *Universal and Personal Cycles.  *Planes of Expression, Pinnacles and Challenges.  *Changing Your Name, Address, and Phone.  *Mating and the Table of Essences.

    NATURE CLAIRVOYANCE:  *Nature Clairvoyance.  *Nature’s Power.  *Your Power Animal.  *Medicine Wheel.  *Native American Indian Wisdom.  *Mountain Meditation.  *Earth Birth.

    POWER VORTEXES:  *Zion, Bryce, and Grand Canyon.  *Sedona Energies.  *Bermuda.  *Egyptian Mysteries Series.  *The Egyptian Experience.  *Mountain Meditation.

    ANIMAL POWERS:  *Telepathy with Animals.  *Your Power Animal.  *Animal Medicines.  *Nature Clairvoyance.  *St. Germaine and Nature.  *Bird Angels.  

    EGYPTIAN MYSTERIES:  *Ancient History of Egypt.  *Five Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.  *Horus and Bird Power.  *Horus Encounters.  *Egyptian Pilgrimmage.  *Egyptian Spiritual Initiation Work.

    SOUL MAPPING:  *Soul Connection.  *Soul Infusion.  *The God Ladder.  *The Upper Room Series.  *The Soul Chamber.

    SOUL SUPPORT:  *Loneliness.  *Coming into Power.  *The Illusion and the Reality of Getting There.  *What is Permanent*  *The Hazard of Ideals.  *Power Meditation.  *One Person Can Make a Difference.  *Sainthood.  *Divine Empowerment Meditation.  *Kiss My Feet.  *Dissolving Limits.  *Personal Acknowledgment.  *Ghosts and Goblins of the Mind.  *Grounding and Spacing-Out.  *Ground School.  *Nuts and Bolts.  *Ordinary People.  *Let’s Get Physical.  *The Simple Life.  *Who Am I*  *Divine Remembrance.  *Making It All Right.  *Deciding to Stay.  *Not Taking Responsibility.  *Primal Separation.  *The Value of Resistance.  *Obstacles.  *The Teddy Bear as Teacher.  *Remembering Your Inner Child.  *Anyone Can Have a Happy Child hood.  *Pump ‘n Tone Angels.  *Symbols.  *Tibetan Monks.  *Making It All Right.

    SOUL AEROBICS:  *Joy’s An Inside Job.  *Follow Your Joy-Line.  *Be Like a Dog on a Walk.  *Your Only Mandate is to Enjoy.  *Kiss My Feet.  *Let’s Get Physical.  *Goal Setting.  *Coming into Power.  *Self-Love.  *Forgiveness.  *Getting Off Being Right.  *Selfless Giving.  *Selfless Service.  *Thanksgiving.  *Faith.  *Loneliness.  *Mothering.  *Chakra Meditation.  *Soul Connection.  *Soul Infusion.  *The Gateway Weekly Workout:  Daily Altar Practices.

    HEALING:  *The Body As Metaphor—The Body/Mind Connection.  *Your Natural Healing Powers.  *Chakras.  *Color Code.  *Crystals and Healing. *Grounding.  *Shielding.  *Manifestation Skills for Healing.

    CRYSTALS AND HEALING:  *Introduction to Crystals.  *Crystals and Radiatory Healing.  *Crystal Healing Techniques.  *Crystals in Atlantis.  *Crystals and Healing.

    MEDITATIONS FOR HEALING:  *Golden Disc Meditation.  *Mountain Meditation.   *Power Meditation.  *Heart of God Meditation.  *Through the Eyes of Love.  *Floating in a Sea of Love.  *Resurrection Meditation.

    PROSPERITY CONSCIOUSNESS:  *Manifestation:  The RUCAT  Method.  * Money Sabotage Inventory.  *Demonstrating the Truth.  Prosperity Consciousness.

    GATEWAY MANIFESTATION SERIES:  *Manifestation:  The RUCAT  *Manifest Love:  Original Family Scripts.  *Manifest Love:  Identify Love Patterns.  *Manifest Money:  Enemies and Allies.  *Manifest Money:  Seduce the Money God.  *Manifest Money:  Money Sabotage Inventory.  *Manifest Health:  Healing Tools.  *Manifest Health:  Identify Your Health Pattern.  *Manifest Health:  False Belief Inventory for Health Patterns.  *Distance Healing.  *Demonstrating Truth.  *Prosperity Consciousness.  

    GATEWAY WOMEN’S WISDOM SERIES:  *Woman-Power Angels.  *Sacred Womanhood.  *Self-Mothering.  *Miss Piggy on Self-Love.  *Meditation Embracing the Inner Child.  *Mother’s Day Sacred Celebration:  Divine Mother.  *The First Father’s Day.  *Forgiving Mother Meditation.  *Menopause:  The Lightening Years.  *Earth Birth.  *Women Who Love Too Much.  *Healthy Boundaries.  *God on a Harley.  *Men and Women are Different!.  *Men, Women, Sex, and Relationship Series.  *The Struggle for Intimacy.  

    LOVE RELATIONSHIPS:  *Men and Women Are Different!  *Men, Women, Sex, and Relationships Series.  *Women Who Love Too Much.  *Healthy Boundaries.  *Clear Love Relationships  *Love as Shadow Dance.  *The Struggle for Intimacy.  *The First Father’s Day.  *Valentine’s Day Sacred Celebration:  The Deep Meaning of Love and Sex.  *Eyes of Love Meditation.  *Sea of Love Meditation.  *Miss Piggy on Self-Love.

    CHAMPIONSHIP SPIRITUALITY:  *Spiritual Mapping with Your God Ladder.  *Self-Interview Your 7 Realities.  *The Seven Gateways and Spiritual Initiation.  *The God Ladder.  *The Upper Room Series.  *The Soul Chamber.  *Your Soul’s Round Table.  *Self-Parenting and the Soul’s Round Table.  *Your Personal God Self.  *The Universal God.  *Reinventing God.  *Participatory Divinity and God Union.  *Credo Writing and Soul Infusion. *Soul Aerobics.  *Gateway Weekly Workout:  Daily Altar Practices.  *Spiritual Initiation for Contemporary Living.

    MYSTIC’S VIEW OF WAR:  Using the God Ladder for Clarity.