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    Consciousness Studies

    Knowledge is structured in consciousness.
    -Rig Veda

    This academic program offers maximum freedom for independent research, creativity, and discovery.  With the guidance of her program mentor, the student may design a unique course of study suited to her particular and evolving interests.

    Directed Independent Study classes may be developed from the Consciousness Curriculum, the Special Studies in Spirituality Curriculum, or from the student’s own invention.  Students who are good at research and highly motivated in following their own joy-line are recommended to this course of study.

    At the graduate level, students who are interested in writing manuscripts to be published after graduation are recommended to this program.  The entire academic program can be designed to guide you in writing your manuscript for publication.

    Gateway University is dedicated to empowering advanced spirituality and moving wisdom teachings into the mainstream culture.

    Each of the following subjects can be studied in varying depth, according to the student’s interest and the academic degree level.

    • B. A.–90 quarter units.
    • M. A.–45 quarter units.
    • Ph. D.–90 quarter units.

    Recommended courses for a degree in Consciousness Studies include:

    School of Consciousness Course Descriptions

    CON 101 Meditation.  2.5 units.  A comparative study of various meditation practices, Eastern and Western, ancient and modern.  Practical and experiential training including vipassana, zen, and ecstatic meditation.  Personal soul connection and soul infusion techniques.  Meditation is seen as an ongoing, lifetime key to inner growth, integrity, refuge, and renewal.  Willard Johnson, Riding the Ox Home; Patanjali, Yoga Sutras; Herbert Benson, Relaxation Response; Judith Larkin Reno, The Gateway Weekly Workout:  Daily Altar Practices, including 3 audio selections and a book.

    MAC 3 Overview of Meditation. 1/2 unit.  Gateway Audio Curriculum.  (1 class.)  Using one-pointed focus to concentrate the mind in meditation.  Different schools of meditation are discussed including: Buddhist walking meditation; relaxation response meditation; Hare Krishna bhakti meditation through devotional song and dance; Sufi’s ecstatic dance; shamanic path of power; transcendental mantra meditation; prana yama or focusing on the breath; laya meditation on the charkas; kriya yoga with kundalini; Taoist meditation through nature; karma meditation through service.  Practice stilling the mind to transcend the mind and expand consciousness into higher realms of the God Ladder.

    CON 102 Mystical Skills.  7.5 units.  The study of soul infusion techniques, channeling, and communication with angels.  See CON 103, CON 104, and CON 105.

    CON 103 Soul Infusion.  2.5 units.  A technique class, teaching the student to connect with the soul level of being; empowering the student with participatory divinity; and exploring spiritual anatomy.

    MAC 6 Your Soul Connection.  1/2 unit.  (1 class.)  Soul infusion skills.  Using your God Ladder to experience your 7 domains:  physical, emotional, mental, psychic, Soul, God Self, and Source.  The value of your Soul.  Identifying the monkey mind’s distractions and illusions.  The critic and the judge.  Accessing your Soul.  Receiving your Soul’s name, body signal, and message.  Shielding techniques in meditation and soul infusion.

    CON 104 Channeling.  2.5 units.  Skills channeling angels, soul, Planetary Hierarchy, gods, goddesses, archetypes, guides, power animals, and nature spirits–discerning the qualitative differences of each.  Shielding and soul infusion techniques, as well as body signals for truth and negative entities to insure quality-control for each channeling.  The limits and powers of channeling.

    CON 105 Angel Connection.  2.5 units.  Inner awareness and strength are developed through the study of angels, including direct contact with the student’s own guardian angel as well as a wide variety of other angels.  Channeling angel wisdom and energy is taught.  Nature clairvoyance is explored through the study of elementals, nature spirits, and devas.

    CON 106 Manifestation Skills. 5 units.  The foundations of metaphysical thought are explored through spiritual-mind treatment, affirmation, and visualization techniques.  The student learns self-hypnosis techniques, exploring powers of the subconscious mind in manifestation.  Thought as creative power is developed through practical exercises.  The student creates personal acts of power demonstrating increased love, prosperity, and health.  The power of prayer and soul infusion are emphasized.  Ernest Holmes The Science of Mind; Catherine Ponder The Healing Secret of the Ages;Louise Hay Heal Your Body.

    MAC 21 Manifestation:  The RUCAT Method.  1/2 unit.  Gateway Audio Curriculum.  (1 class.)  This powerful method of manifestation actually works!  It teaches you how to change your life and manifest the life of your dreams.

    CON 107 Psychic Skills.  5 units.  This series of 12 classes increases awareness of subtle energies.  The student develops clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience through symbol work, automatic writing, channeling, psychometry, dowsing, and spiritual anatomy.  The series also includes:  aura reading; the esoteric meaning of colors, thought forms, and the charkas; soul infusion, including body signals; psychic tracking and scanning; psychic protection and grounding; ethics and proper use of psychic energies; hazards and limits of psychism; radiatory and distance healing; psychic communication with plants, animals, and the dead.

    CON 108 Esoteric Sciences. 12.5 units.  The study of astrology, numerology, and Tarot.  Using spiritual technologies to expand awareness.  Conscious exploration of mystical realities.  See CON 109, CON 110, and CON 111.

    CON 109 Tarot.  5 units.  The 52 keys of the Tarot deck encode the path to enlightenment.  The 22 archetypes of the Major Arcana are meditative symbols containing generative energies capable of opening the third eye, dispensing wisdom, transforming consciousness, and creating healing.  The Tarot decks explored include: Rider-Waite, Voyager, Motherpeace, and Mythic, among others.  The Tarot’s divination and character reading skills create spiritual and psychic expansion.

    CON 110 Astrology.  5 units.  Comprehensive training in beginning, intermediate and advanced astrology including:  the planets, the signs, the houses, angles, elements, modalities, rulerships, aspects, retrogrades, moons nodes, the ascendant, chart interpretation, asteroids, phases analysis, eclipses, lunations, secondary progressions, relocation charts, vertex, horary, and electional astrology, solar and lunar returns, family dynamics and the natal chart, midpoints, mundane astrology, rectification, counseling techniques, careers in astrology.  National Council for Geocosmic Research certification available at an extra fee.

    CON 111 Numerology.  2.5 units.  Discover the principle of vibration in all things through the esoteric science of numerology.  Learn:  the vibratory power of names; the path of destiny; the heart’s desire; the outer expressions; cornerstones; universal and personal cycles of life; planes of expression, pinnacles, challenges; changing names, address, and phone; mating and the table of essences.

    CON 112 Grounding and Spacing-Out.  1 unit.  Specific, practical skills to help the spiritual student stay balanced in today’s world.  Discernment skills to know when you are inappropriately outside of your body.  Understanding spacing-out as a hazard of meditation and advanced spirituality.

    CON 113 Nature Clairvoyance.  2 units.  Working with male and female energy vortexes in the land.  Learning to identify electric and magnetic energy fields in nature.  Meeting and assessing nature devas, nature spirits, and nature elementals including gnomes, elves, fairies, sylphs, nymphs.  Earth diving to meet nature spirits in the center of the earth.  Developing psychic communication with plants, animals, and nature forms.  Research of Clive Backster, Findhorn, and John Lilly.  Madame Pele and Sedona nature vortexes.

    CON 114 Power Animals.  1 unit.  Finding your power animal.  Understanding animal medicines.  Shamanic journeys.

    MAC 24 Power Animals.  1/2 unit.  (1 class.)  Each person has a particular animal spirit guiding and empowering them.  This class helps you to find yours.

    SPR 401 Spiritual Mapping:  The Structure of Consciousness.  5 units.  Experiential training in consciousness using the God Ladder.  Discernment of the seven domains of earthly and divine consciousness.  Learning the differences between soul, spiritual, and psychic levels of awareness.  The laws, limits, powers, and hazards of each level of consciousness are explored:  physical, emotional, mental, psychic, soul, spiritual, and Universal Source.  The student learns to consciously integrate the wholeness of her being, including Divine Source.

    MAC 1 The God Ladder:  Your Earthly and Divine Anatomy.  2 units.  Gateway Audio Curriculum.  (5 classes.) The seven domains of consciousness.  The nature of the Void.  Your Personal God vs the Eternal God.  Benefits of the God Ladder.  Limits and Powers of the 7 Domains of Consciousness.  Ascension and Descension Arcs of the Ladder.  Spiritual Initiations on the Path.  God Questionnaire.  Self-Interview Skills to Speed-Read Your God Ladder. Divine Self-Parenting.  Internal Conflict Resolution Skills.  The Soul’s Round Table.  Hazards of the 21 Century.  God Ladder Solutions.  Spiritual Diseases.  Spiritual Maturity.

    MAC 2 Spiritual Initiation for Contemporary Living.  1 unit.  Gateway Audio Curriculum.  (2 classes)  Exploring common shifts in consciousness as the student cycles-up into new realities as a result of spiritual practice and meditation.  The 7 Gateways.  Enlightenment.  Participatory Divinity.  Ascending and Descending the God Ladder.  God Union and Liberation.  Reinventing God.

    SPR 402 Reincarnation and Karma.  1 unit.  Study of the laws of karma effecting reincarnation, including cross-cultural case studies.  Arthur Guirdham, The Cathars and Reincarnation; Michael Newton, Journey of Souls, Destiny ofSouls, Life Between Lives.

    MAC 25 Karma and Reincarnation.  1/2 unit.  Gateway Audio Curriculum.  (1 class.)  Exploration of widely accepted Eastern mystical beliefs regarding the power of your actions and past lives to create your current life.  Personal accountability from one life to the next.  The reappearance of current family members and friends throughout many lives.  Learning about the life between lives when you create your Soul Contract for this life.  This class expands your consciousness and your identity.  It begins developing your far-memory.

    CON 7 Physics and Consciousness. 2 units.  The New Physics and the changing reality paradigm; the relationship between modern quantum physics and Eastern theories of consciousness.  Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and Observer Participancy.  The works of Fred Alan Wolf, Schroedinger, Capra, and others discussed.  String Theory.  Chaos Theory.  Parallel universes.  Bending time and space.  The God Ladder.

    MIN 501 Leadership Skills.  1 unit.  This experiential class builds self-esteem and self-leadership through creative risk-taking and overcoming fear.  Based on Lao Tsu’s famous 5th century BCE classic, Tao Te Ching, and John Heider’s modern  the class studies the deep essence of leadership.  Gateway leadership includes followship, humility, integrity, and service to the Group Soul, serving the highest good of all concerned–including oneself.   

    CON 4 Ecsomatics.  1 unit.  Out-of-body experiences (OOBE) including contemporary literature, research, astral projection, soul travel, and spacing-out in daily living.  OOBE is studied experientially both as a gift and as a hazard of meditation.  Eastern and Western categorizations and phenomena.  Monroe Institute.

    CON 5 Psychology of Higher Consciousness.  3 units.  Classical models of higher consciousness Eastern and Western.  Accounts of samadhi, satori, kensho, epiphany, nirvana, enlightenment, kundalini, and spiritual initiation are surveyed.  The God Ladder and discerning domains of consciousness.  Irina Tweedie, The Chasm of Fire;  O’Halloran, Pure Heart, Enlightened Mind:  Zen Journal; 
    Baird Spalding, Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East.

    MAC 2 Spiritual Initiation for Contemporary Living.  1 unit.  Gateway Audio Curriculum.  (2 classes)  Exploring common shifts in consciousness as the student cycles-up into new realities as a result of spiritual practice and meditation.  The 7 Gateways.  Enlightenment.  Participatory Divinity.  Ascending and Descending the God Ladder.  God Union and Liberation.  Reinventing God.