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    Angel Reader Certification

    As a Certified Angel Reader, you bring people into a state of Divine Connection, Love, Healing, Forgiveness, and Guidance. YOU become the ``Bridge to Spirit.``

    Kimberly Marooney

    The angels guided Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney to create this 12-week course that teaches you to become a Bridge to Spirit.

    Angels are with us every moment of every day watching for opportunities to assist. You will learn to bring yourself and others into a state of direct connection through angel card readings to receive that divine assistance that is always available.

    This Professional Angel Reader Certification is for you if:

    • You are already an active Angel Reader who has studied different reading methods and angel modalities and are ready to take your practice to the next level.
    • It’s also for new angel lovers who feel strongly guided into a deeper personal relationship with angels.

    The personal connection with angels and the Divine is everything. In the personal experience with angels and with God, miracles happen. You are not the doer, you are providing the Bridge to Spirit. This is what the angels first called Angel Blessings Cards when they invited Kimberly Marooney to co-create them. Many years later, Kimberly realized that she had become the Bridge to Spirit. Now Kimberly is teaching you what she has learned from the angels so you may prosper and grow as you guide others.

    This is the FIRST Angel Reader training designed specifically to establish you in the upper echelon of the best trained and multi-dimensionally-connect Angel Readers.

    Kimberly Marooney

    You Become the Bridge to Spirit

    During the Angel Reader Certification Course, you will:

    • Deepen your connection with angels
    • Further develop your inner senses to see, hear, feel, and know as you interact with angels
    • Heal personal issues as you experience direct connection with angels
    • Learn to receive and direct infusions of Angel Energy
    • Receive guidance from angels, Holy Spirit and God
    • Learn how to give professional angel readings
    • Practice giving readings with peers

    As an added bonus, you’ll hear interviews with professional readers providing valuable insight and suggestions for your practice.

    You’ll write a business plan and get encouragement and support to implement it.

    Not only will you enhance your angel reading and business skills, you will expand your own conscious connection.

    As you learn to become a Bridge to Spirit, you will access new levels beyond psychic information as you:

    • Learn to connect at the soul level. Here, you’ll receive guidance from your soul, guardian angel and your team of angels. Once you learn for yourself, you’ll be able to connect at the soul level with your clients.
    • We’re not stopping here! We’ll go beyond the soul level to the Spiritual Body to connect directly with God or Spirit for profound healing and rejuvenation for yourself and your clients.
    • There’s more! Together, we’ll leap to the next level where you will experience Oneness in Eternal Love. This is Home.

    Home is calling you – you feel it!

    Come HOME now.

    Your angels and the Seraphim have guided you here. We have been waiting for you and are rejoicing that you found us.

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