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    Angel Reader Certification

    As a Certified Angel Reader, you bring people into a state of divine connection, love, healing, forgiveness and guidance. You become the “Bridge to Spirit.”

    This Professional Angel Reader Certification is for you if you are already an active angel reader who has studied different reading methods and angel modalities and are ready to take your practice to the next level.

    It’s also for new angel lovers who feel strongly guided in this direction.

    The curriculum is an elegant combination of conscious business training and planning, angelology, and intuitive and mystical skills development. The program content is delivered through a brilliant fusion of live interaction, home study, and mentorship.

    This is the only Angel Reader Certification that awards University Transcript Credit for your work that can be applied to other degree programs.

    Angel Reader Certification Courses:

    Go at your own speed. Register for the first course, ANG 301 Visioning Your Angel Reader Practice. When you finish that one, register for the next one, 302 Types of Angels. One at a time, you will work your way through the curriculum until you are complete.

    Why wait? Start NOW!

    Earn 9 quarter units of credit for your Gateway University transcript. Participate in a Graduation Ceremony to receive acknowledgment of your Certification.

    During this Angel Counselor Certification program, you will:

    • Strengthen your intuitive and soul connection with angels and people as you learn to provide spiritual counseling.
    • Learn to receive accurate messages for yourself and others.
    • Experience profound healing as you develop your God-given abilities.
    • Write and implement the business plan for your Angel Counseling Practice based on your sacred vision.
    • Gain experience speaking in public.
    • Attract miracles and the joy of living in Spirit.

    Through home study, mentor sessions, and group support, we deepen our connection with angels and Divine Love as we explore The God Ladder from Dr. Judith Larkin Reno and potent spiritual practices that have been used for centuries to open our inner senses to mystical experiences.

    You will love how you blossom into your faith and inner experience.

    Earn 13 quarter units of credit for your Gateway University transcript. Participate in a Graduation Ceremony to receive acknowledgment of your Certification.

    Angel Counselor Certification

    Once you have completed the Angel Reader Certification, the Angel Counselor program is next!

    You’ll learn to go beyond the mind and psychic realm to experience deep connections at the soul level with the personal God and the Infinite. Deep and profound healing is experienced in the upper realms of awareness in connection with the Divine. That is where we are going!

    Angel Counseling focuses on gaining self-knowledge to navigate within your whole being, in all seven realms of existence. You’ll learn some Essential Spiritual Practices to use as you recognize where you are and navigate up and down The God Ladder. The God Ladder, by Dr. Judith Larkin Reno, reveals our seven realms of being or our bodies and helps us to recognize where one we are in each moment of life. From that starting point, we may then shift our awareness to another state of being for a different perspective.

    You will love how it feels to blossom into your faith and inner experience.

    The Angel Counselor Curriculum deepens your inner connection with Spirit:

    ACC 312 Your Sacred Vision
    ACC 313 Aligning with Angels
    ACC 314 Quest for the Holy Self
    MAC 1 The God Ladder – Dr. Reno
    ACC 315 Practicum: Angel Counseling Internship
    ACC 316 Meditation Foundation – Dr. Reno
    ACC 317 Developing Your Healing Skills
    ACC 318 Practicum: Leadership Training
    ACC 319 Value and Practice of Spiritual Disciplines
    ACC 320 How to Get Clients
    ACC 321 Energy Body Basics: Auras & Chakras – Dr. Reno
    ACC 322 Launch Your Angel Counselor Practice