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    Kindle Angels and your Golden Incarnation Disc

    I just received a powerful new teaching on our Golden Incarnation Disc and Kindle angel! First, let’s see who the Kindle Angel is. 

    27-divine-plan-medMicah. the angel of Divine Plans, watches over spiritual evolution, seeking every opportunity to reveal the next steps of your life purpose. This lifetime represents only a small part of your Divine Plan, which directs you through many specific experiences to become everything you were intended to be. When at last you release enough emotional baggage to feel your purpose, you realize that it is what you wanted all along. Everything you do, think, say, feel, experience, and desire is recorded as your complete life history in the Akashi Records.

    Prior to each embodiment, the Kindle Angel who is in charge of your entire evolution meets with you to discuss the needs, desires and karmic consequences of your next lifetime. The Kindle then forms your Incarnation Disc, holding information about your destiny – important people you will meet, major events such as crisis of spiritual consequence, health issues including the duration of your life, and karmic indebtedness that remains to be worked out. This disc made of mental substance is placed in your mental body in the proximity of your heart.

    Your destiny patterns consist of Filled Keys which activate predestined events, giving you a deeper understanding of your major issues, and unpatterned Open Keys. When you merit an Open Key, you step outside the influence of your past. You decide what your next attitudes and focus will be. Your Guardian Angel may present exciting opportunities along with the option to deepen your dedication to spiritual growth. The angels and other spiritual beings love these times when you are not affected by planned events because they can introduce new teachers and friends, help you discover innovative job options and expand your awareness. Open Key periods are often difficult because everything familiar falls away and you feel adrift. To your Eternal Self, these moments are cherished above all others. Pay close attention to knowing your truth during these times. Your actions, reactions and decisions will greatly alter your future as you move more quickly through the karmic indebtedness of your Filled Keys.

    Filled Keys use the force of magnetic attraction to reacquaint you with individuals from past lives with whom you have unfinished business. The events of these circumstances will be similar to the last time you met, giving you a chance to break the cycle of repetition and conquer the issue. Your health challenges will be comparable to those you were unable to overcome before, letting you find new understanding and heal. You will also receive the blessings and advancements you have earned in the past.

    Although this may sound as if things are pretty well set, YOU have a great deal to do with your progress. You can either repeat old patterns, or consecrate you life to breaking free. Take responsibility for yourself and be determined to clear out everything that holds you in a life that isn’t right for you. This requires a new level of brutal but loving honesty.

    This is an excerpt from Angel Blessings Cards.

    With love,


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    Kimberly Marooney

    BREAKING NEWS! We have exceeded our programing for what was thought possible in our lifetimes!

    This just in:

    We have collectively exceeded the highest expectations of the heavens for what was thought possible when we were born! Can you feel how important this is?

    There was a massive shift at the end of 2016, a “9” year as our old systems that don’t work are being demolished. “9” is all about completion and many of us lived through a year of clean up and completion as old beliefs, behaviors, and energy structures are demolished to clear the space for new ways of being. For fresh starts.

    2017 is a “1” year about ONENESS. Everyone I’ve spoken with is focused on establishing ONENESS with the Divine, our Selves and One another, beyond duality and connection. This is huge.

    When we were born, our soul, guardian angel, Master Self, team of angels, Archangel Metatron and our Kindle Angel decided on the most important elements for this lifetime. What issues would we face? What karmic debt would we resolve? Who would be in embodiment to love and support us? What opportunities would we have?

    Many of use Light Workers have felt stuck. It didn’t matter how many times we faced an issue to let it go, it kept coming up! We felt stuck! As one of my friends put it, she’ve been stuck in “What the f*@k land” for months! You too?

    There are so many of us Children of Light embodied now, healing, feeling the collective consciousness with love and compassion, that we have used up everything that was programed into our Incarnation Discs! This has never happened before for so many people at once! Millions of us!

    The wait is over. The lid is off. The Kindle Angels are working with our divine team once again to rewrite our Golden Incarnation Discs, adding limitless possibility and opportunity! Unconditional Love and Joy are being added!

    The new information just came through during the Gateway Community Illumination Circle. It answered many questions I’ve been asking.

    I felt a massive shift in my Being about two weeks before this message, releasing me from limbo. I feel liberated and now I know why.

    You need this information and Activation. You want to hear more about your Planetary Mastery and your Master Self!

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    It is accomplished!