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    The Seraphim Manifestation Formula

    What do you need from your angels to manifest your highest calling?

    For me, that means stepping into the shoes of my beloved friend and mentor, Rev. Dr. Judith Larkin Reno, as President of Gateway University. I received the mantle of authority from Dr. Reno a year ago and have felt like a whiney brat this last year, kicking and fighting to not grow up and stand in the opportunity that has been given me. Fear has been my playmate and self-judgment my game.

    To turn this around, for several months I’ve been personally focused on this question:

    “What do I need form my angels to manifest
    my highest calling?”

    I’ve felt stuck in my old beliefs that “I never have what I need.” “I have to make do with not enough of anything.” “I feel like a bottomless pit because I’m always short of what I need.” and “There is never enough!”

    I’ve been watching how these beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies in my life, while they are at the same time NOT TRUE! When they are flooding my mind, they are absolutely true. I can’t see an opportunity if it were standing right in front of me with it’s arms wide open saying, “I’m Here!” I’m blind to it, focused on proving I never had what I need. That’s how it was designed to work.

    Eventually, beliefs wear thin and we start to wee through them to new possibilities.

    Like the literary agent who asked me for a query letter for my new book that I didn’t see in my email!

    And like the people who come to me asking to work with me, and I don’t respond.

    Why is this?

    I apologize that I’ve let my old, worn out issues stop me from responding to my deepest calling to serve you and guide you into the profound and life-changing connection with Divine Love and God that your heart is yearning for. This is what I do best.

    Thank God we have angels! The angels are our messengers who remind us of who we truly are.

    We are powerful, glorious BEINGS of LIGHT

    And thank God I listen!

    Keep reading for the message from Sandalphon that changed everything.


    We are all being called to stand in the authority, love, presence, power, and glory of who we truly are!

    Kimberly Marooney

    Message from Sandalphon ~ Seraphim and Angel of Power

    We are here.
    We are here with everything you need to manifest your highest calling.
    Spirit works in ways that are very different from human experience.
    The exact opposite!

    To your soul, a plan is already in place with full resources provided BEFORE you are invited to participate.
    The plan have been conceived to benefit you and humanity at higher levels of consciousness in the spiritual realm.
    Many unique spiritual beings and angels have contributed detail, clarity, structure and resources to this plan.
    It is a complete package, all tied up in a beautiful box with a lovely bow.

    Your job is to open the box, pull out the elements, receive the directions, and go to work calling it forth into form in material creation.
    This can be simple and joyful as everything needed arrived long before you were assigned to do your part.

    From the human side, it seems like the opposite.
    You get an inspiring idea!
    You feel joyful, grateful and enthusiastic!
    The vision begins to take on form!
    Then you stop.
    You get stuck.
    You didn’t notice the pretty box full of everything needed.
    You didn’t see the directions that are right before you.

    Old beliefs play in your thoughts of never having what you need.
    Old behaviors start in blocking you from seeing possibility and opportunity.
    The resources that are right in front of you are invisible to your sight because you don’t believe you have the needful.

    What if you could change your perspective?
    What if you could change your mind?
    What if you could change your beliefs?
    What could you see right in front of you, that you are blind to?

    What do you need from your angels to Do Your Life’s Work?
    You have everything now.
    Think of it as a treasure hunt.
    Be willing to see through new eyes and to see new perspectives.

    Each time you find yourself facing a block, thinking and feeling like you don’t have the money, support, expertise, people, resources to take the next step:


    The Seraphim Manifestation Formula!

    We are with you.
    We bring every resource needed for your success in the light!
    Your job is to open your heart and mind to recognize the resources that you already have with gratitude.
    Use them!

    The time is NOW!

    Go beyond reading this message. Take it to heart. Imagine it was written just for you, because it was!

    Follow the directions. Use the Seraphim Manifesting Formula!

    Change your mind, beliefs and perspective right now, on the spot. Look again to see the resources that have been before you all along! One step at a time, use what you have to move forward. Before you know it, you will experience that everything you need has been in front of you all the time!

    Have courage!

    Use your Angel Super Powers!