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    A~HA! Archangel-Healing Activations Workbook

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    The Complete Archangel Healing Activations (A~HA) Workbook includes over 120 detailed pages guiding you to connect and heal with the Archangels.This workbook accompanies ANY of the Archangel Blessings Sprays.

    Archangel ~ Healing Activation Protocol is for you!
    You’ve come to the right place. From these pages, you’ll learn how to call forth the Archangel Healing experience that your heart and soul have been searching for.

    Welcome. I’m Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney and I am delighted to guide you into deeper experiences with your angels. You will learn how to approach any problem or question with the full support of the heavens by doing an Archangel ~ Healing Activation Session that combines angel readings, Sound Essence Archangel Blessings Sprays, Archangel Activations and Archangel Resonance Infusions in one potent healing experience.
    I have helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to experience direct contact with angels and I can help you, too. You will learn to:
    – Bring healing to body, mind, soul and relationships
    – Receive the guidance you need for life
    – Activate your Soul Calling
    – Explore your inner senses or the 4 C’s of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Claircongnizance

    Open your heart to experience pure Divine Love that changes EVERYTHING!

    You have a team of angels who are with you always. You’ll discover:
    – Who is on your team
    – How they help you in life
    – How to work with them to access their energy, guidance and resources

    Table of Contents
    1. Angel Power 5
    Archangel Michael Manifests the Activations 6
    Archangel Resonance Infusions 7

    2. Seven Steps to Brilliant Angel Readings 11
    The Seven Steps 12
    Unwinding meditation 13
    Daily Angel Communion 18
    Daily Angel Journal 18

    3. Asking Powerful Questions 33
    Million Dollar Questions 34

    4. Your Soul Calling 37
    Your Soul and Your Guardian Angel 38
    Your Soul’s Purpose 38
    Your Soul Calling Meditation 39

    5. Your Angel Team 43
    Angel Message 43
    Meet Your Angels 44

    6. The Seven Archangels 49
    Divine Intermediaries 49
    Archangel Michael’s Divine Heritage, Safety and Trust Activation 51
    Archangel Metatron’s Ascension Charka Activation 54
    Archangel Jophiel’s “The Quickening” Activation 57
    Archangel Gabriel’s Soul Star Activation 60
    Archangel Raphael’s Healers Heart and Hands Activation 63
    Archangel Uriel’s Benediction Activation 66
    Archangel Chamuel’s Worthiness and Adoration Activation 69
    Favorite Music 74

    7. How to do Archangel ~ Healing Activations 75
    Co-create the Connection 75
    Join our Grow with Grace Facebook Group! 78
    Put it all together in a Full Session 79
    3-Minute Archangel Boost 82

    8. A~HA! Session Charts 85

    About the Kimberly Marooney 96
    How to Order Supplies 96
    Advanced Study 97