ANG 307 ~ Angel Reading Practicum

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    To help you prepare for your Angel Reading Practice, we provide opportunities for you to experience a number of different styles so you can discover how your Angel Reading style will unfold.

    Angel readings have the potential to be the main focus of your business or your ministry. Angel readings can become the core of your financial abundance. Angel readings are the simplest, most accessible thing you can do to help others and support yourself financially.

    Angel readings may be any length and content. That is the brilliance of this practicum. You have flexibility built in so no matter what your circumstance, you can benefit from giving readings.

    As you work with clients in the world, you’ll want to give them things to help them remember what they got from the session with you. One of Kimberly’s favorites is the Angel Reading Worksheet (or whatever your heart wants to call it.)

    You’ll create your worksheet to be just perfect for your look, feel, and needs. Add a color border, a graphic, an essence statement, anything you feel called to add to personalize this page so you are delighted to give it to your clients. All through the session, encourage your clients to take notes about what is most important for them to remember, including a few divinely inspires actions steps at the end.

    Another tool Kimberly likes to use is an Evaluation Form at the end of Angel Readings and events. This is a simple way to ask for feedback from your clients.

    Personalize this form, too. You keep this one. This is a brilliant way to discover who wants to work with you more! Sometimes people write wonderful things on this Evaluation Form that you can use for testimonials! Read them carefully to harvest the richness.

    Best of all, we end with a conversation with Rev. Jodi Cross. You’ll learn from the best as she describes how she organizes her sessions and get clients.

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    ANG 307 Angel Reading Practicum Course contains a substantial Class Guide with materials for the following lessons:

    1 – Angel Reading Practicum: Tune in to what that truly means, including:

    • Topic 1: Confidentiality
    • Topic 2: Impeccability
    • Topic 3: Listening without Judgment
    • Topic 4: The importance of Peer Support

    2 – 15 Steps to Professional Angel Readings – learn the difference between your personal readings you do for yourself, and professional readings for clients.

    MENTOR SESSION: plus, you get an angel reading from your Mentor!

    3 – Create Your Angel Reading Worksheet that guides your clients through taking notes including actions steps following the reading.

    4 – Create Your Angel Reading Evaluation form. Clients write the most amazing things and ask for more services effortlessly with this step.

    5 – Interview with Rev. Jodi Cross. You’ll learn from the best! Jodi’s professional practice in the UK is impressive. She has much to offer.

    Deepen your Angel Reading Skills

    Learn how to bring the angels into your soul-based business, or answer the calling of your soul and start your Angel Reading Practice.

    Best of all, you will receive an Angel Reading from your mentor to experience one style.

    You receive 1 unit of Gateway University Transcript credit for this course, applicable towards the Angel Reader Certification and Angelology degree programs.

    Time Commitment

    • Course time: Approximately 3.5  hours of listening
    • Practicum: Giving TEN angel readings will take between 5 – 10 hours depending on your style
    • Use the robust Class Guide the 15 Steps to Professional Angel Readings to find your way through the 6 lessons

    This course is only open to Angel Reader Certification and Angelology degree students.

    For the Angel Reader Certification, you must complete the prerequisites of:

    • ANG 301 Visioning Your Angel Reader Practice
    • ANG 302 Types of Angels
    • ANG 303 Angel Divination
    • ANG 304 Archangels
    • ANG 305 Your Angel Reader Business Plan
    • ANG 306 Guardian Angels

    No prior professional angel reading experience necessary.

    Tuition is non-refundable.

    You will need a copy of either Angel Blessings Cards or Angel Love Cards by Kimberly Marooney. They may be added to your shopping cart.

    The course includes a robust Class Guide to download and print. Use this guide to take notes on your experiences and realizations, and as you work through the the Lessons.

    Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney was blessed with the ability to experience direct personal contact with God angels, and spiritual beings. She was the first person in the world to earn a Master’s degree in Angelology and a Doctorate in Spiritual Psychology. Many of the best know angel experts have sought to learn from her, including Doreen Virtue.

    Kimberly skillfully combines her 40 years experience as a mystic with her education to guide people into profound, life-changing angel encounters. By following inner guidance, this gifted mystic has authored a dozen books including best-selling Angel Blessings Cards and founded

    Most recently, Kimberly is the new President of Gateway University.

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