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    Archangel Michael Mist 15ml

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    Angel Blessing Spray 15ml
    This Angel Blessing Spray is for Archangel Michael: Safety/Trust/SupportArchangel Michael is the divine Protector his spray is charged with the appropriate crystals and gemstones, homeopathy, color, sacred geometry, ancient symbology, and positive word vibrations that corresponds to Archangel Michael. Adding aroma completes Archangel Michael’s healing formulation.

    Call in Archangel Michael by simply misting his Angel Blessings Spray above and in front of yourself and step under the falling mist. Make sure to gently shake the essence bottle to energize it before use. It activates the life fore of the essence and attunes you to it.

    While you mist the Angel Blessing Spray for Archangel Michael state the following:
    • I love and value myself.
    • I am divinely guided and protected.

    This listing is for one 15ml size Archangel Blessing Spray.

    *Use this Angel Blessing spray with either the Angel Blessings Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration OR THE Angel Love Cards of Divine Devotion, Faith and Grace to deepen your experience with the angels.