Shine Your Light: Leadership & Business Development

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    8 Angels of Business Development

    Shine Your Light: Leadership & Business Development

    Just take a look at what we are up to! The register. You won’t want to miss this LIVE STREAMING VIDEO program so you can ask questions and get the personal support you need to take your next giant steps forward.

    Lesson series:

    Part 1: Living Your Soul’s Purpose in the world

    January 24  at 4:30 pm Pacific/ 7:30 pm Eastern

    • What is your soul’s purpose?
    • How will you do that?
    • Who do you serve?
    • What needs to happen to support your soul purpose?
    • What do you need to get out of it?

    These are a few of the critical questions we will explore to get you moving forward.

    A potent meditation will help you to experience what it would feel like to live your soul’s purpose.

    Your Leadership Action will be to meditate and journal on:

    • Your Next Steps
    • Who is your Audience?
    • What is your Core Message?
    • How do you make a difference in people’s lives?

    Part 2: Monetizing Your Soul’s Business

    February 7 at 4:30 pm Pacific/ 7:30 pm Eastern

    • Business models and structures for a higher monetary profile
    • Define services and offerings
    • How you will interface with clients
    • Build in the measurement – how are you making a difference?

    You know, the hard stuff that turns your hobby into a business! The angels make it doable and even fun! When we work from our souls, these tough-seeming questions miraculously fall into place.

    Ambitious Angels get Extra Credit for writing a full business plan with your angels, bringing out your business divinity.

    Part 3: Leadership for Angels

    February 28 at 4:30 pm Pacific/ 7:30 pm Eastern

    What does leadership mean to you in your purpose? It takes courage and support to break out and go on your own. We are here for you. You will:

    • Identify your past leadership styel
    • Find the bridge to your Authentic Soul Leadership
    • Recognize the triggers and shades of leadership from the shadow side

    Your Leadership Activity will be to journal about:

    • How you lead
    • What your impact is on your clients and community
    • Your own style! Don’t worry, we’ll lay the groundwork so you know!
    • Do a Leadership Action! What do you know you need to do? We’re here to support you in taking that step!

    Part 4: Money, Belief and Finances

    March 14 at 4:30 pm Pacific/ 7:30 pm Eastern

    Our internal beliefs about money and abundance were programed into our cells in early childhood. We inherited our fears. So how can we release and choose again?

    We’ll explore how our inner realms of worthiness and shame are hidden in layer after layer.

    This impacts:

    • Starting and Stopping. We get all excited and start, then we feel afraid and stop!
    • Empowerment!

    We’ll do a Theta healing and clearing as we honor our family and soul vision so you can feel the support that is here for you to fulfill your soul calling and mission.

    Part 5: Inner Workings of Angelic Business and Leadership

    March 28 at 4:30 pm Pacific/ 7:30 pm Eastern

    One of the fears that stops us is around visibility and vulnerability. We’ll explore the types of vulnerability and types of trust / openness that can replace fear. The we’ll use Theta Healing to clear, activate, and download new beliefs that support your visibility in the world.

    We’ll also look learn about:

    • Soul Power and Presence and 3 types of confidence you need to find in yourself
    • DISC leadership types
    • 7 business and entrepreneurial types to help identify what works best for you

    Angelic Activity: With clear guidance, you’ll research and explore further how these 9 types apply to you, especially on the 3 instinct levels.

    Angelic Leadership Action: You’ll write a business angel soul manifesto to yourself, to create what you want to create, and ultimately a promise to yourself, the angels and divine and your community about what you plan to provide them from the deepest level of your soul.

    Part 6: The Inner Work of Angelic Business Leadership part 2

    March 11 at 4:30 pm Pacific/ 7:30 pm Eastern

    The point is to know yourself as a leader, and also to know how to provide customer service to a higher degree based on this knowledge and choice awareness.

    We will explore:

    • The MBTI Scale
    • 7 Levels of Energy Leadership
    • Conflict management
    • Shadows and Interdependence/Co-Dependence
    • Boundaries with Clients and Self Awareness (transference, co-transference, projection, leadership authority awareness and how people respond to leaders and authority figures)

    Angelic Activity: Reflect on the MBTI, the energy leadership 7 levels, and conflict types. What resonates with you and what greater understanding do you have of yourself and of others in your life?

    Angelic Leadership Actions: What conflicts can you resolve in your life to invite higher understanding

    Part 7: Establish your Angelic Business: Angel Soul Action in the World

    March 25 at 4:30 pm Pacific/ 7:30 pm Eastern

    We start with a leadership overview of the last few weeks of the program. Have you formally established your business in your state? If  not, what do you need to do next?

    With the name of your business and core message, we’ll explore your Oneline Presence through the eyes of your ideal client – the benefits they are looking for in their language. Landing pages, basic offerings, e-lists, products and more!

    What about your Social Media presence? Is it aligned with your core message? Is it conveying the value you present to your community? We’ll explore:

    • Content development for websites and social media
    • Delivery schedules
    • Building excitement for your services/products/projects
    • Establishing yourself as a leader in your niche/expertise/community

    Angelic Activity: Your specific activity will come from what you know you need to do next.

    Part 8: Question & Answers

    May 2 at 4:30 pm Pacific/ 7:30 pm Eastern

    This last session is all about you! What questions do you have? What do you need to know more about? Where did you get stuck? Maria and Kimberly will personally guide you into your next success steps.

    The live streaming video broadcast sessions will be recorded. You will be able to watch and download the replays. You will also have email access to Maria and Kimberly for questions and sharing as we move through the lessons.

    The class sessions, meditations, and assignments are designed to draw out more clarity and guidance for your business plan.

    Your soul and angels have already infused you with your Soul Calling. It’s time to dive in deeper than you have before to discover the details of this vision and calling.
    We’ve set the classes 3 weeks apart to give you time to integrate the rich content you will receive. Plus you’ll want to practice with the techniques you’ll learn and assimilate your realizations into your daily operations.

    Stepping Into Your Own Leadership  is for you if:

    • You are ready to break the Start-Stop Cycle
    • Your heart is calling you to live your soul’s purpose
    • The right business model and structure for a higher monetary profile is in sight
    • Building confidence that you can make a difference is important to you
    • Exploring your style of leadership so you can have a great impact matters
    • Old beliefs about money are limiting your capacity to receive
    • You are ready to make a plan for establishing yourself as a leader

    Time Commitment

    This course will be taught in a live, video broadcast class room starting January 24, 2018. Attend live if you can, to ask questions and share your experiences.

    You will receive access to the video replay and a downloadable audio mp3 file so you can watch and listen at your convenience.

    To access the EIGHT 90-minute sessions, you’ll need internet and a computer or smart device with webcam we we can see you, microphone so we can hear you, and speaker so you can hear us. If this is not available, you can call in by phone to interact and watch the replay later.

    You will have optional homework between sessions to improve your business and strengthen your leadership skills.

    There are no prerequisites to take this course.

    Tuition is non-refundable.

    You get:

    • 8 live broadcast class sessions that are 90 minutes each for a total of 12 hours of time with Maria and Kimberly
    • Access to the video replays
    • Downloadable pdf class guides with robust material
    • An invitation to ask questions and share with Maria and Kimberly via email during the course
    • A final 90 minute session where you can get personal support from Maria and Kimberly

    Rev. Maria Jade Piano said, “The Soul is the key factor in authentic leadership, supporting soul driven leaders to create business with their unique vision, values, and energetic frequency.”

    Maria specializes in leadership and energy healing, to focus on clearing the deep seated belief systems that block the potential and success of brilliant, smart, powerful souls like you!

    Maria is completing her Ph.D. in Leadership Studies, has a Master’s in Organizational Development, and is completing her Energy Leadership Coaching Certificate. Best of all, Maria is an ordained Angel Minister!

    Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney was blessed with the ability to experience direct personal contact with God angels, and spiritual beings. She was the first person in the world to earn a Master’s degree in Angelology and a Doctorate in Spiritual Psychology. Many of the best know angel experts have sought to learn from her, including Doreen Virtue.

    Kimberly skillfully combines her 40 years experience as a mystic with her education to guide people into profound, life-changing angel encounters. By following inner guidance, this gifted mystic has authored a dozen books including best-selling Angel Blessings Cards and founded

    Most recently, Kimberly is the new President of Gateway University.

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