Love is Made: The How-To Love Manual

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    Love is Made: The How-To Love Manual
    by Rev. Dr. Judith Larkin Reno



    Get your love relationship off to a great start with practical skills for long-term love and for a healthy marriage.

    With a Ph.D. in Psychology and a lifetime as an ordained interfaith minister, Rev. Dr. Reno provides rare insight into conscious loving.

    She teaches you how to create living-love in daily relationship.

    To build your foundation, Dr. Reno provides research on healthy marriages allowing you to gain insight and clarity from models of healthy love relationships. You learn to implement love with healthy relationship skills.

    Living in the Light of Love is the greatest privilege and responsibility life has to offer.

    This book will strengthen your love and deepen your skills for a long, happy union and is available for immediate download so you can begin loving more deeply and healthy now.

    Digital eBook Download (PDF) – 62 pages