Mindful Business & Soul Leadership series

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    Make the Leap!


    Mindful Business & Soul Leadership

    Many light workers possess incredible natural gifts and talents. Along with professional trainings, they would seem unstoppable!

    The goal in this three part LIVE VIDEO STREAMING webinar series on:

    • Mindfulness
    • Soul Leadership
    • Conscious Business

    is to empower Light Workers to show up confidently as Leaders in their field and industry.

    The opportunities for conscious business owners, who value mindfulness and soul qualities, are abundant and right at their fingertips.

    However, for gentle souls making the leap from empathic healer to business owner isn’t the easier transition to make. To truly step into the world with all the gifts, talents, and trainings, light workers can align with their soul energy, their divine purpose, and intuition to guide the steps to their greatness.

    This series is designed to create some foundational awareness for light worker conscious business owners who:

    • Feel lost on where to start a holistic business, or your next steps expanding
    • Learn how to use the chakra system to create power
    • To embody mindfulness to know when you receive guidance and to know when to act in your business.

    Maria Jade Piano and Kimberly Marooney are here to support and guide you through this incredible process of stepping into the world with your passion, soul gifts and amazing qualities!

    You were made for this!

    Join us in the program starting November 7.

    Lesson series:

    Part 1: Soul Leadership and creating the foundations of conscious business

    • Learn how to blend your soul energy with your professional leadership qualities
    • Build the vision for your business, based on your soul’s purpose
    • Learn essential core foundations of conscious business


    Part 2: Leadership and energy transformation: the role of chakras in leadership

    • Experience a chakra balancing meditation with the angels for leadership empowerment
    • Explore the meaning of balancing chakras for leadership and transformation
    • Learn how to balance and listen to your energy and intuition in leadership challenges


    Part 3: Embodying Mindful Leadership: The pause vs. procrastination

    • Learn the difference between mindful pausing vs. procrastination: work and productivity
    • Explore how to be in divine timing for reflection and action
    • Discover how to utilize and trust your process and decision making abilities

    The class sessions, meditations, and assignments are designed to draw out more clarity and guidance for your business plan.

    Your soul and angels have already infused you with your Soul Calling. It’s time to dive in deeper than you have before to discover the details of this vision and calling.
    We’ve set the classes 3 weeks apart to give you time to integrate the rich content you will receive. Plus you’ll want to practice with the techniques you’ll learn and assimilate your realizations into your daily operations.

    Mindful Business & Soul Leadership  is for you if:

    • You are ready to take a leap of faith into the next expansion for your soul-based business
    • Are ready to make a bigger impact in life with your skills and wisdom
    • You need to know what it’s like to experience balanced chakras to empower your leadership and transformation!

    Time Commitment

    This course was taught in a live, video broadcast class room. You get access to the replays plus all of the course materials.

    You will receive access to the video replay and a downloadable audio mp3 file so you can watch and listen at your convenience.

    The three 90-minute sessions are available on demand.

    You will have optional homework between sessions to improve your business and strengthen your leadership skills.

    There are no prerequisites to take this course.

    Tuition is non-refundable.

    Downloadable pdf class guides will be provided.

    Rev. Maria Jade Piano said, “The Soul is the key factor in authentic leadership, supporting soul driven leaders to create business with their unique vision, values, and energetic frequency.”

    Maria specializes in leadership and energy healing, to focus on clearing the deep seated belief systems that block the potential and success of brilliant, smart, powerful souls like you!

    Maria is completing her Ph.D. in Leadership Studies, has a Master’s in Organizational Development, and is completing her Energy Leadership Coaching Certificate. Best of all, Maria is an ordained Angel Minister!

    Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney was blessed with the ability to experience direct personal contact with God angels, and spiritual beings. She was the first person in the world to earn a Master’s degree in Angelology and a Doctorate in Spiritual Psychology. Many of the best know angel experts have sought to learn from her, including Doreen Virtue.

    Kimberly skillfully combines her 40 years experience as a mystic with her education to guide people into profound, life-changing angel encounters. By following inner guidance, this gifted mystic has authored a dozen books including best-selling Angel Blessings Cards and founded TheAngelMinistry.com.

    Most recently, Kimberly is the new President of Gateway University.

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