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    My Angel Connection: The Guidebook for Interactions with Angels

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    While reading My Angel Connection,  you will connect with The Divine through study, contemplation, interaction, and “My Angel Assignments.”  Each chapter begins with a special image created to bring you into alignment with the angels or their characteristics, attributes and abilities to expand in your life.

    Part 1 is a primer on Angelology with information you need to understand the aspects of your angelic connection through history and lineage.

    Part 2 focuses on practices to invoke angels and attune with them, deepening your own angelic nature.

    Filled with angelic love, divine knowledge, charts and more, this illumed guidebook includes:

    Part 1: Angelology Primer

    • Chapter One:  Angelic Overview ~ explores the types of angels identified by humans.
    • Chapter Two: The Seraphim Connection ~ The lineage of Seraphim including Enoch, Moses, Zoroaster, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, plus the TEN ACTIONS of the SERAPHIM for inner guidance and daily meditation.
    • Chapter Three: Angel Inspired Saints and Masters ~ Reviews our early teachers, easily identified by their determination and courage to reach through false concepts and into direct communion with the Almighty.
    • Chapter Four: Angels of the Kabbalah ~ Unique view of the angelic realms and the Kabbalah showing surprising correlations.
    • Chapter Five: Preparing the Way for Oneness ~ Essene teachings on spiritual communion with information on how to access angelic realms.
    • Chapter Six: Contemporary Angel Teachers ~ Reflection on the valuable contribution of contemporary angel teachers.

    Part 2: Guide to Angelic Connections

    • Chapter Seven: Invoking Angels ~ Shares techniques including resonance, music, prayer and angel attunements.
    • Chapter Eight: Recognizing Angel Responses ~ Teaches you how to recognize when angels are contacting you.
    • Chapter Nine: Divination as a Resource ~ Guidelines for creating the space and opening your relationship to angels through angel card readings.
    • Chapter Ten: The Power of Contemplation ~ From scripture to contemporary spiritual writings, this chapter teaches you how to recognize masterpieces written about angels to magnify your connection with the source of Divine Love.

    My Angel Connection has been specially written and designed as an interactive and experiential vessel of light to awaken your inner knowing. Originally created as part of the curriculum for TheAngelMinistry.com, this material has been adapted for everyone who is interested in connecting with the angelic realm.