Practical Divinity

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    Rev. Dr. Judith Larkin, the founder of Gateway University, lead a series of experiential classes in her living room for four years. These were the last classes that she taught. She poured her soul into them. She called this series Wisdom Circles.

    Participatory Divinity is the first Wisdom Circle and lays an important foundation. Participatory Divinity is one of Judith’s signature teachings.

    Jump right in to experience how to participate in your own divinity!

    Imagine yourself sitting in Judith’s living room with a small group of amazing friends. Judith is in her favorite peach colored wing chair. Pictures of masters surround you. A large and sacred Buddhist thangka is on one wall. It is beautiful and you can’t take your eyes off of it. Books are stacked everywhere.

    With this in mind, this class was recorded on a cassette play. Remember them? Disregard the sound quality and focus on the energy and essence of the experience. It helps to listen in a quiet place.