Sacred Celebration of Birthdays

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    Sacred Celebration of Birthdays
    by Rev. Dr. Judith Larkin Reno


    Birthdays are an opportunity to both celebrate life in the outer world with family and friends, and the inner world in sacred ceremony.

    Learn about your grand review, and how your Guardian and Kindle angels come to you with healing, guidance, wisdom and love.

    You’ll also learn about your personal year and how to use numerology for empowerment.

    The best part is the long list of sacred rituals to choose from to celebrate your birthday in the way that speaks the deepest to your heart and soul.

    Here is a taste of what you get:

    • Your Birthday Grand Review
    • Your Guardian and Kindle Angels
    • Sacred Birthday Rituals
    • Your Annual Inventory
    • Finding Your Soul Path through Numbers
    • Power Archetypes and Symbols
    • Your Tarot Partner for the next year
    • Your Claiming Meditation
    • Your Fire Song Claim
    • The Diamond God-Light Infusion
    • The Power of Silence
    • Dream Power’s Gift
    • Soul Intention
    • Awake in the Dream

    plus much more.

    This potent 27 page eReport is a goldmine of love. It is a transcription of a live event with Judith as she celebrated her birthday so it is full of the energy of her joy.

    Dig deep into this delightful pdf download.

    Digital Download (PDF)