• The Signature Wedding
    • Judith Larkin Reno

    The Signature Wedding: Design Your Own Wedding Ceremony

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    The Signature Wedding: Design Your Own Wedding Ceremony

    by Judith Larkin Reno, Ph.D.


    The Signature Wedding helps you to express one of the greatest events in your life — your wedding — in your own singular style.

    With this book as your guide, your ceremony can represent you, rather than an institution. You can customize your ceremony to be as personal and unique as your own signature. No other wedding book is as rich, deep, and comprehensive. It walks you through every step of creating your own unforgettable ceremony.

    Twelve ceremonies are specially designed in modules. You can mix-and-match elements from the various ceremonies to create your own. In addition, Dr. Reno has collected the world’s greatest love poetry to deepen your signature wedding along with chapters on Love Songs, Wedding Ceremony Music, Wedding Prayers, and Wedding Blessings.

    Perfect for Wedding Officiants!

    *Includes Love is Made manual
, 306 page spiral bound workbook