Your Soul Connection

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    Your Soul Connection
    with Judith Larkin Reno


    The soul is the part of you that never dies.

    Your soul is a bridge between the earthly and divine parts of your being. You’ll learn the benefits of having a strong soul connection so you can recognize the language of your soul through symbols and imagery.

    Judith takes on you a magical exploration of the seven realms of your identity through the eyes of the soul. In a powerful meditation, you’ll deepen your relationship with your soul.

    As your spiritual coach, Judith helps you to develop your soul muscles to shield, claim self authority, retain your power, and stay grounded in daily life.

    Soul Meditation

    Experience a beautiful meditation to help you deepen your relationship with your soul. You will explore your soul star above your head connecting you with infinite supply.

    Visualize your soul walking toward you just as a life friend does. Start a conversation and ask your soul important questions about your life, health, career, love and money. You’ll benefit from hearing the students who were in this class share about their experiences to help you tune in to yours.

    Digital Download (PDF + Audio mp3)

    Do you want to know more about your soul and how to connect so you can live a soul-guided life?

    Judith Larkin Reno walks you through experiencing your soul, then listening for guidance.

    Judith Larkin RenoRev. Judith Larkin Reno, Ph.D. was the founder of Gateway University and Directory of Gateway Community. With fifty years of experience as a global teacher, educator, and counselor in the consciousness and mystical arts, Dr. Reno held a Ph.D. in Psychology and was a licensed interfaith minister.

    Rev. Dr. Reno wrote about twenty books in the field of advanced spirituality. Her legacy of The Gateway Wisdom Collection of 421 audio selections and 20 books is unmatched in its depth, range and profound contribution to contemporary spiritual living. This valuable collection of timeless teachings contains the world’s greatest spiritual wisdom.

    Dr. Reno was a germinal thinker specializing in raising consciousness and expanding awareness. Her writing and teaching advanced the body of knowledge both in spirituality and psychology.

    A leader of the historic consciousness revolution in the 1970’s, Dr. Reno helped to found one the nation’s first university programs for the study of higher consciousness. Dr. Reno was a global leader in the integration and grounding of advanced spiritual initiation, which is often overlooked in advanced spiritual studies.

    In 1981, Dr. Reno invented spiritual cartography, mapping complex realms of consciousness. As an educator, she opened gateways in higher consciousness with user-friendly maps, methods, models and mentoring.

    Among mystics, Dr. Reno was rare. She was grounded, practical and balanced.

    Her teaching extends beyond religions to catalyze each student’s unique spirituality. Dr. Reno had a gift to empower the student’s personal path to God. She opened dimensional doorways. Dr. Reno was a bridge between the worlds – earthly and divine – actualizing advanced spirituality.

    Dr. Reno’s passion was to actualize others in their “participatory divinity” and “indwelling bliss.” She celebrated “blessed ordinariness” as the consecrated daily lifestyle of “living in the Amazement.” She was a global leader in soul-centered education.

    Judith transitioned in 2016. While she is greatly missed, her soul is always with when we ask.